The divine play of bringing myth
to modernity.

I am a storyteller and my mission is to bring Myth to Modernity. To return our present consciousness to an awareness of the wisdom of our ancestors.

There is a great body of human wisdom in these stories handed down to us over millennia through the careful narration of generations of storytellers.

One of the most powerful means to transmit this mythic understanding is with song as well as narration.

The Durga Opera is one such story that is experienced through the singing of mantras in Sanskrit.

The mantras are harmonic vibrations which can retune the human spirit to experience the essential oneness of all life and bring us back to our Mother who is Nature herself.

The overarching theme of all of my work, music, and storytelling is to hear Nature in her need, to hear her cry of need for us to fall back in love with her.

And to enjoy singing her songs.

Sangita Lakhanpal





Proud to be taking part in Celebration Earth.

We live in a world that is worth celebrating!

CelebrationEarth is creating a community of faith, art and environment groups where wonder is at the heart of action.

CelebrationEarth is a positive initiative bringing together individuals, charities and organisations passionate about the natural world to facilitate change. It provides opportunities to embrace and further protect all that we delight in, by sharing our existing successes, collective values, skills, knowledge, creativity, stories and plans for the future.



“Something that’s worth saving is worth celebrating.”


(Martin Palmer, director of CE speaking on BBC Radio 4 January 2020)


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